Thursday, December 26, 2013

029 Latvian Language Helper

With the help of Shri Latvian, I could strengthen my interest into Latvian language and culture. I have started in the process, -- I am, yet, pursuing a search for an offline pdf file / text file which contains a very large list of Latvian words with their English meanings. There are many online word-search tools available, but it will be very expensive to be continuously in touch with the online dictionaries using internet. It will also be inconvenient, particularly when we cannot easily get a net connection. I furnish here a link to & a screenshot of a Latvian language helper I found on the net.

Latvian language helper at

This link has a downloadable windows program for Latvian English & English to Latvian Dictionary. I, am unable to use it because I work in Linux-Ubuntu 10.10. Very few Latvian linux tools seem to be available.

I hope that Shri Latvian has not misunderstood me, when I wrote about the racialism of England and United States. Anyway, I have no malice against Aryans or Europeans, per se.

What I wanted to convey in my earlier blog post about the color sensitiveness of Aryans was that they wanted to preserve their white (brAhmin) , red (kshatriya) and yellow (vysya) colors, by propagating four caste system (cAtur varNya vyavastha) and by not allowing sUdras, dalits and tribals, who apparently were black/brown natives, to marry into white Aryans. Now, all that is passe (a thing of past, with dwindling relevance). India today is emerging more and more a mixed Nation.

For those who follow Gregorian Calendar, my best wishes for 2014.

New Year Best Wishes, as a matter of fact, may not really convey anything except some rhetoric. This is my atheist and Marxist view.

I am yet present engaged in re-building a Sanskrit-English ROMAN SCRIPT dictionary, which I downloaded from a University of Chicago website or somewhere else. It has more than 450000 lines. It is a text file. I brought it into an advanced Semi-finished stage. Present size 19.1 mb. My understanding is we can send files upto 25mb size through gmail. I am trying to reduce it to 10mb size, without losing words.

I feel that I need not wait till I complete rebuilding the semi-finished file. I have decided to send it through gmail to our readers who are interested in evolution of Indo-Baltic civilisation. (I am not sure whether anybody has used this phrase earlier. ) There is an Indo-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. I furnish a link to it below.

But, before I give the Sanskrit English Dictionary in Roman Script to others, I wish to share it with Shri Latvian, get his views and improve upon it. If Shri Latvian has no objection, and if Shri Latvian is interested, I shall be grateful, if he will send me his email address. My email address specificpurp. It is in [at] gmail [ .] com. Because of the problem of computer BAT spams, I am not giving the address in proper form. I shall keep his Email address confidential. But I shall not press him.

Link for Indo Baltic Federation of Culture and Commerce.

Incomplete. Shall try to add / delete /modify shortly.

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Bartias among Prussian Tribes

Bartias among Prussian Tribes
Prussian Tribes image from

Wikipedia map of Latvian-Lithuanian-group countries

Wikipedia map of Latvian-Lithuanian-group countries
We need to go deeper into ancient history


Sanskrit has Indo European origin. English, German, Latvian (Latgalian), Old Prussian too have an Indo European origin. Hence, they have several words in common. Over Centuries, pronunciation and spellings changed. When foreign words entered into English, some alien words took precedence over Indo European words because they had royal patronage.The knowledge of common vocabulary between Sanskrit and English can help us to understand Sanskrit literature better. Here is a list of such words. The list is not exhaustive. I shall add more, as soon as I am able to collect them. For some of the words, there may be only a remote relationship, still linking them will help to remember the meanings.I DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE VIEW THAT ARYANS INVADED INDIA OR INDIANS INVADED NORTH EAST EUROPE. TIME IS THE BEST HEALER AND PROVER OF TRUTH.

aa - long A as in ant, bat, cat. c - as in chalk, chat (without aspirate). The sound of k has been avoided. (In Latgalian(Latvian) the spelling 'k' is found for the Sanskrit 'c'.ch - with aspirate stress.d` - Retroflex 'd' as in dog, donkey, - long e, as in bake, care, dare, fare.ii - long i, as in beat, cheat, deal, eel, feel, heal. l` - heavy l.n` - heavy n.oo - Long o, as in goat, coat, note.s` - as in sack, salary, sand.t` - retroflex t, as in tap, ten, tin, ton, tune.uu - long u as in school, pool, tool.In Sanskrit 'y' and 'j' are often interchanged.Every effort has been made to maintain the phonetic spelling.