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Indo-Aryan_migration theory

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Here is an in-depth studies into the theory of Indo-Aryan Migration into India (and vice versa).
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Priest class advocated that they were born from mouth of creator. Warriors were declared to have been born from chest of creators. Trader and agriculturist class persons were declared to have been born from thighs of creator. Servant class persons were declared to have been born from feet of creator.

From an analysis of Indian mythological books Valmiki Ramayana, vyasa mahAbharata, and vyAsa mahAbhagavata, I felt that Aryans who migrated to India (not-necessarily INVADED) tried to keep their clans undiluted, by restricting occupational freedom and marital freedom from through a very strict enforcement of four caste system.

Aryan society insisted on enforcement of catur (four) varNa (color) system.

Brahmins (priests) considered themselves as white. Allowed warriors (kshatrias) to be red in color. Prescribed that vysyas (agriculturists and traders) would be yellow in color. Insisted that SUdras (servants) would be black in color.

Brahmins retained a right to marry women of warrior, trader and servant castes, calling the marriages as anulOma (favourable obverse ratio).

Priest-warrior administrators allowed a concession to warrior castes permitting them to marry trader and servant women.

Males of trader color were allowed to marry women of servant castes.

The society discouraged even the anulOma marriages, by according off-springs from such marriages a low social status and inferior occupations, though not altogether they were not out-castes. SUdras (servants) were apparently non-Aryan black natives admitted into Aryan society at the lowest level. For this reason only, they were not allowed to perform penance, learn vEdas, undergo knowledge-imparting ceremonies like upanayana (erroneous popular translation as thread-marriage).

Reverse marriages involving lower colored people (e.g. a black youth marrying a white/yellow/red girl) were called vilOma. They were banned altogether. Progenies of reverse marriages were often called 'canDAlas' and forced to live outside villages.

Many Indians, particularly those influenced by religious fanatics , refute the theory of Aryan migration into India, and insist on Aryan migration to Europe.

If Aryans were native to India which is a country of hot climate (min. day temperature 30 degrees Celsius to max. 51 celsius), melanin pigment is a must. Depending on location, people should be either black or brown and in exceptional cases red/yellow. Definitely not white. Sudras of black color should have been given the highest status, followed by yellow, red and white. If Aryans had migrated to Europe (Hitler and many Germans regard themselves as Aryans), they should have had a reverse racialism (black most superior followed by yellow, red and white at the last). Instead Europeans and Americans believe in white superiority and ill treat people with brown and black color, forgetting that BODY COLOR DEPENDS ON MELANIN.

I do not support the practices of white racialism, or brown/yellow/black racialism. We are only interested in history and evolution of societies.

Here is a link to my blog post on body colors, at my mahabhArata blog.

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Today's Indians have undergone several mutations (or even mutilations) and they may not better entertain hangovers of past.

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Bartias among Prussian Tribes

Bartias among Prussian Tribes
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Wikipedia map of Latvian-Lithuanian-group countries
We need to go deeper into ancient history


Sanskrit has Indo European origin. English, German, Latvian (Latgalian), Old Prussian too have an Indo European origin. Hence, they have several words in common. Over Centuries, pronunciation and spellings changed. When foreign words entered into English, some alien words took precedence over Indo European words because they had royal patronage.The knowledge of common vocabulary between Sanskrit and English can help us to understand Sanskrit literature better. Here is a list of such words. The list is not exhaustive. I shall add more, as soon as I am able to collect them. For some of the words, there may be only a remote relationship, still linking them will help to remember the meanings.I DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE VIEW THAT ARYANS INVADED INDIA OR INDIANS INVADED NORTH EAST EUROPE. TIME IS THE BEST HEALER AND PROVER OF TRUTH.

aa - long A as in ant, bat, cat. c - as in chalk, chat (without aspirate). The sound of k has been avoided. (In Latgalian(Latvian) the spelling 'k' is found for the Sanskrit 'c'.ch - with aspirate stress.d` - Retroflex 'd' as in dog, donkey, - long e, as in bake, care, dare, fare.ii - long i, as in beat, cheat, deal, eel, feel, heal. l` - heavy l.n` - heavy n.oo - Long o, as in goat, coat, note.s` - as in sack, salary, sand.t` - retroflex t, as in tap, ten, tin, ton, tune.uu - long u as in school, pool, tool.In Sanskrit 'y' and 'j' are often interchanged.Every effort has been made to maintain the phonetic spelling.